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eCommerce Storefront Development – Shopify


Our e-commerce solutions are easy to use and easy to scale as your business grows. We only use the best technology to meet your needs and your budget.  We specialize in Shopify which powers around 20% of all e-commerce websites.  Hip Gloss is a certified Shopify Partner.

Why Shopify?

More than 400,000 merchants around the world use Shopify to power their online e-commerce store. Last year, Shopify’s paying customers grew 55% from the previous year. Some top brands that use Shopify include Nestle, Pepsi, Budweiser, Tesla Motors, and Foo Fighters.

Shopify is great whether you have 1 product or 1,000. Out-of-box functionality can be expanded by using Shopify Apps (2,400 apps currently available).  Your staff will have control over the general functions that power their day-to-day work which also cuts down on long-term cost since the additional technical staff is not needed for regular updates as may be the case with other platforms.

Shopify is powerful software, however, it does not require additional hosting at all which can save your company a lot of money each year. Shopify is what is referred to as a Software as a Service (SaaS).  This means that for a monthly fee you pay to use their software service and in exchange they maintain the software and server which offers great peace of mind.

Contact us now for a free consultation to find out if Shopify is a good fit for you.  If you are currently on another platform, we can determine if there would be a significant cost save to migrate to the Shopify platform and show you ways to work more efficiently. We can migrate from 85+ platforms to Shopify!

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Let Us SHOW You What We Do

Project:  BoarHogTools.com

Our featured Shopify Ecommerce Project is BoarHogTools.com, which offers high-quality diamond tools and equipment for the hardscape, mason & tile contractor. Their new Shopify store launched in April 2020.  

BoarHogTools.com was a complete build from the ground up. The client previously had a business website on another platform that did not offer online purchases.  The Boar Hog team began building their new site on another e-commerce platform and after discovering a few limitations, we migrated them to Shopify. For this project, The Boar Hog team built the majority of their Shopify store on their own while consulting with Hip Gloss on the more technical aspects.  We had a great time working together!

Some project requirements included:

  • Ease of use for the Boar Hog team to edit and update their website
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design for the customer 
  • The ability to include videos and literature on product pages
  • Advanced sorting by equipment type, vendor, and size
  • Blog feed
  • Discount codes