Remote IT Management (RIM)

Increase Productivity Lower Operational Costs

CIOs all face a similar challenge – increase quality and improve efficiency while reducing cost.  Using remote IT solutions to complement the in-house IT team is one solution to this challenge.

Gartner estimates that “remote infrastructure management services
can reduce labor costs by 10% to 50%, depending on the delivery location,
resulting in a 3% to 30% overall net savings, excluding one-time transition

Our team works remotely as an extension of your IT staff.  Your level of involvement is up to you.


High Involvement

You are already an Expert and just want help with development.  You want to delegate the work to off-load your team and catch up on your backlog.

Our role

  • Help you select team from our company through test/interviews.
  • Train the team in your architecture/technology to get them started
  • Manage their work logs for you.
  • Replace team in the case of any issues.

Your role

  • Assign daily/weekly tasks to the developer.
  • Review his work (quality and code).
  • Train the developer in your preferred project management tools.
  • Communicate regularly with the developer.

In this model, we are an extension of your team.  We attend team meetings over the phone and communicate with your team through email.



Low Involvement

You want to outsource an idea or a requirement.  You want to hand off the work without any regular management.

Our role

  • Provide complete project/module plan before we start.
  • Provide you with Bug Tracking System, Task Management Tool, Code Repository.
  • Set up team of Architects, Designers, Developers and QA Engineers.
  • Maintain high quality, well documented code through review process.
  • Architect the complete solution.
  • Responsible for complete application security and Intellectual Property rights protection.
  • Functional testing.
  • Help you perform integrated testing.
  • Send daily and weekly status update.

Your role

  • Perform interval tests.
  • Approval and sign off on work.
  • Attend or conduct weekly status meetings.
  • Approve/Disapprove the weekly release.
  • Provide us with dev/test servers and any necessary licenses.

True outsourcing model, you are the Visionary and we are your Tech team.