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Good IT Intervention resembles the photo at the top of this page.  The clouds and darkness represent the daily grind of your business while the sun bursting through the darkness represents the hope and promise our IT Intervention consultant delivers to your company. Today is a very important day.  By reading the information on this page, you are taking the first step toward professional freedom.

What is IT Intervention?

Similar to other forms of intervention, IT Intervention is when an unbiased consultant spends time with your employees to determine pain points and then comes up with a solution that works for everyone to end the pain and start the healing process.

How Does This Benefit Us?

Cost-save opportunity!  Save money and time in the long-run while working more efficiently.  Upgrade your processes and tools so that all employees benefit and have an active role in your progress.  Improve employee morale and work together as a strong unified team.  Upgrade software and hardware to satisfy today’s needs and be more prepared for your future as your company continues to grow and change.  Become the model company for your industry, the envy of your competitors, and the business superstar you know you can be.

What Exactly Do You Do?

  1. Over a period of two weeks, we will come to your location and meet with your employees in small focus groups to determine their workflow.  We will discuss what they do, how they do it, what software they use, who they hand-off their work to, and what that person does once they hand it off.  We will repeat this process until we have the full workflow documented and understood.
  2. During our investigation meetings, your employees will be encouraged to tell us about their pain points, how they feel their time could be better utilized, and what they love or hate about their workflow and activities.
  3. Once we have completed the investigation, we will meet with you, or another appointed manager, to determine the cost and agreements that you may have with the software you use or other vendors.  For example, this may include – Shipping, eCommerce, Marketing, Help Desk, AR/AP, Inventory Management, and Customer Service.  We will determine what services must stay in place and what services have the flexibility to change if beneficial.
  4. Over a period of 1-2 weeks, we will conduct extensive research and put together our recommendations.  We will make recommendations such as software that will “talk” to each other to exterminate disjointed standalone solutions that may be slowing down your workflow.  Our plan will outline time and cost savings if our recommendations are followed.  It will also highlight area’s where resources may no longer be needed as we make the workflow more efficient.  You may be able to cut back on staff or promote staff members to other more specialized roles that will benefit you as well as them.  The plan will meet industry standards that may include on or off-site backups, cloud-based web services, PCI compliance, and security.
  5. Next, we will meet with you to create an implementation plan.  You will review our recommendations and we will fine-tune the document to reflect your requirements.   Once a plan is in place, we will manage the whole process from start to finish.  This includes but is not limited to – Purchasing, procurement, hiring and working with sub-contractors, installation of hardware/software, configuration, and last but not least staff training to get everyone up to speed.

    On average, this whole process will take 8-10 weeks.  Once our job is complete, you will be left with a whole new company.  Employees will be happy to come to work, paperwork will be close to eliminated, data will be properly backed up to prevent major outages, documents will have change control to prevent reworking, and with all of the time saved you can find something more constructive for your employees such as new skill training to keep the business growing!

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