Proprietary & Deprecated Maintenance

What is Proprietary Software?

Proprietary refers to a software that was either built in-house or built for a company’s specific needs.  It usually has strict limitations in function, purpose, and source code.  A proprietary software is one that is designed to serve a specific job function but does not usually talk to other systems.  In some cases, proprietary software could be closed source, a limited license, or have other restrictions when it comes to further development due to intellectual property rights.

What is Deprecated Software?

When a deprecated software is used in a business environment, it is safe to assume that they understand the risk of the software but depend upon it.  A deprecated software may have a security flaw or limitiation in future development due to an old foundation.  The software developer may have stopped developing it because better alternatives have entered the market or perhaps a major change would mean losing older features as well as support for those features.

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