Our Process

We take care of you by doing the work upfront that will secure the success of your project.

Our Project Managers understand that along with strong technical expertise, it is absolutely necessary to have critical milestones in every project that must be accounted for and documented in the critical path. We follow a structured 4-D development process to take our clients’ ideas from concept to reality.


  • Define organizational and project objectives
  • Define success criteria
  • Assess the overall structure and content of the project
  • Competitive Analysis (if required)
  • Industrial analysis
  • Define budget and cost
  • Define project benchmarks
  • Develop communication protocols and expectations
  • Make technical and design recommendations based upon findings


  • Complete design based on client’s feedback
  • Develop main sections and subsections from copy provided by client
  • Complete technical infrastructure and systems integration with databases and scripts, if used
  • Test functionality
  • Review progress in relation to project benchmarks



  • Build prototype or demo to test assumptions
  • Develop architecture and navigation
  • Develop graphic design/look and feel
  • Develop technical design and infrastructure
  • Test prototype usability and functionality
  • Review progress in relation to project benchmarks


  • Coordinate with your Marketing Department for offline advertising and marketing
  • Deploy statistical tracking software
  • Develop Meta tag code and search engine strategy
  • Launch site line online
  • Hand-submit to search engines
  • Provide training and support
  • Monitor success