In a continued effort to support small businesses as they improve their online shopping experience, Hip Gloss is proud to announce that we are now a Cart2Cart partner.

Cart2Cart is an easy to use tool that migrates your e-commerce data from one platform to another and supports 85+ popular platforms.

Why is it important to work with a Cart2Cart Partner for your migration?


Cart2Cart offers excellent customer support but when it comes to data migration, every minute counts.  If you work with Hip Gloss to migrate your data for you, as a Partner we have the highest priority for assistance to get your new site updated fast with your products, sales, and customer data.


Sometimes data does not migrate as clean as we would like it to; sometimes data errors due to customizations you may have made in your database years ago that have been long forgotten.  Our team has the knowledge and skill to format data when needed to make the migration a smooth transition.  We have also worked with Cart2Cart on many projects and know what they can assist with and what we need to fix on our own as IT specialists.

Next Steps

Want to talk about moving from your current platform to one that better suits your needs?  Or maybe you would just like more information?  Contact us today and we will help you take your next steps towards online success.

cart2cart partner