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Our Unlimited Shopify Trial giveaway is going on now as part of our 10-year anniversary celebration.

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How it works

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We only need your name and email address to activate your free unlimited Shopify trial.

We Create Your Development Area

Forget the traditional 14-Day Trial through Shopify. We create your unlimited free trial area to develop your Shopify website for as long as you like/need before going live.

Go Live

You tell us when you are ready to go live and we "flip the switch" handing over the keys to your new castle at ZERO cost to you, ready for you to activate your Shopify membership and start selling!

About Us

Hip Gloss, who is a Shopify Partner, is offering a helping hand to get small businesses online FAST.  During uncertain times, one thing has been certain – Shopify e-commerce is booming. 

Take advantage of our unlimited free Shopify trial now to start building your online store at your own pace and only launch when you are 100% ready. 

Hip Gloss Productions, LLC, is an Ohio, USA, registered business that is insured and certified in our field. We have been building e-commerce websites for over 15 years and have used many platforms to achieve our clients’ goals.


Twenty-four years of web design experience has led to many professional certifications including those available to Shopify Partners.


Insurance is optional for web development companies, but rest assured – Hip Gloss is insured!

We Care

Our foundation is built on customer care and communication. We want your experience to be the best it can be.

Ready to Activate your 100% Unlimited Time Free Shopify Trial?

By filling out this application, you are agreeing to allow us to create a Shopify trial for you that is 100% free.  As a Shopify Partner, we are permitted to give away trials that do not expire after 14 days (what will happen if you set up a trial directly through Shopify).  This is a completely free service.  Once your website is ready to go live, simply email us and we will push your site from the development stage to live.

    What If I Need Help Building My Shopify Store?

    After you sign up for your free unlimited Shopify Trial, you may want to take a look at our Shopify Match Program promotion that we are running which offers up to 50% off of all Shopify development projects. We launched this special promotion in 2020 due to COVID-19 changing how people work and our desire to help small businesses sell more online (or for the first time!) during this challenging time. With savings of up to 50% off, your budget will go twice as far. 

    Through our Shopify Match Program, we are offering design & development services as well as migration services to move your store from 85+ supported platforms over to Shopify. The primary services offered in this program are as follow:

    First Time E-Commerce Success

    Together we will build an easy to use, mobile-friendly, e-commerce storefront using the Shopify platform.

    Improve Your Shopify Store

    We can take a closer look and determine where we can improve your Shopify store – App configuration, theme tweaks, on-site SEO, and more.

    Data Migration (to Shopify)

    We have the experience you need when migrating your existing e-commerce data to Shopify. Products, customers, and order data can all be migrated.