About Us

During uncertain times, one thing is certain – e-commerce is booming.  For a limited time, Hip Gloss, who is a Shopify Partner, is offering a helping hand to get small businesses online FAST.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hip Gloss will be giving back to the community by opening our 1-to-1 Match Program application to all small businesses.  The Match Program started in 2018 and has only been available to nonprofit and not-for-profit businesses until now.

Hip Gloss Productions, LLC, is an Ohio, USA, registered business that is insured and certified in our field. We have been building e-commerce websites for 15 years and have used many platforms to achieve our clients’ goals.


Twenty-three years of web design experience has led to many professional certifications including those available to Shopify Partners.


Insurance is optional for web development companies, but rest assured – Hip Gloss is insured!

We Care

Our foundation is built on customer care and communication. We want your experience to be the best it can be.

What We Can Do For You

Whether you are selling online for the first time or need improvements made to your Shopify storefront, we may be able to help. We are also offering migration services to move your store from 85+ supported platforms to Shopify. The primary services offered in this program are as follow:

First Time E-Commerce Success

Together we will build an easy to use, mobile-friendly, e-commerce storefront using the Shopify platform.

Improve Your Shopify Store

We can take a closer look and determine where we can improve your Shopify store – App configuration, theme tweaks, on-site SEO, and more.

Data Migration (to Shopify)

We have the experience you need when migrating your existing e-commerce data to Shopify. Products, customers, and order data can all be migrated.


Through this program, it is our goal to help you succeed and empower you with the tools you need to excel as you have fun managing and selling your products online using Shopify.  We encourage all to apply, large or small projects welcome.  Below are our most common questions. If your question is not answered, just send an email to matchprogram@hipgloss.com

Who should apply for this program?

This promotion is open to new clients only who seek help with the Shopify platform. Examples:

  1. You need to to take your brick and mortar online
  2. You are launching a new e-commerce business and don’t have a brick and mortar
  3. You are on another e-commerce platform already and want to migrate to Shopify
  4. You already have a Shopify site and need general assistance with improvements or strategy


By applying am I entering into a Service Agreement with you?

No, by filling out the application you are not in a Service Agreement with us and are under no obligation.  We will review your application and if we are able to accept your project, we will contact you for more information and then present you with a proposal. If you accept the proposal, we will then enter into a Service Agreement with each other.

If I apply am I guaranteed to be accepted?

Although we would love to help everyone, not all applicants will be accepted.  This promotion is an application process due to the limited time and resources reserved for this Program.  It is at our discretion which applicants we accept.  All applicants will be contacted in a timely manner.

If accepted, am I guaranteed a 100% match?

Most projects will receive a 100% match, however, we reserve the right to match budgets with service hours as we see fit specific to your project up to 100% match and cap at $30,000 equivalent. Our proposal to you will include the amount of match you will receive and how those hours will be allocated.

What is an example of what a match would look like?

Example 1:
You have a $1,000 budget and need $1,700 of work done.  We would provide you with a 100% match which would allow you to not only receive a free service but save some money.  Your project would cost $850 with a 100% match for a work equivalent of $1,700.

Example 2:
You have a $10,000 budget and need $22,000 of work.  You would receive a 100% match and a work equivalent of $20,000.  We would review your needs and determine what are “must-have” requirements and what are “like to have” requirements. Some “like to have” requirements would be omitted from the project to make up for the $2,000 deficit.

Example 3:
You have a $20,000 budget and only need $10,000 in work. We would still offer you a 100% match to allow you to use your money in other ways! The project would cost you $5,000 and we would honor the 100% match for a $10,000 work equivalent.

Example 4:
You have a budget of $30,000 and need $75,000 in work.  Our maximum match is $30,000 so in this example with our 100%  match, you would receive the work equivalent of $60,000.  Similar to example #2, we would work with you to determine what requirements can be omitted or saved for the future without impacting the primary functionality or needs of your site and customers.


Can you help me if I don't need a website?

This COVID-19 special promotion is only for Shopify shop owners or those who wish to become one. With that said, if you already have a Shopify site and need assistance making improvements, require training, or other Shopify related assistance we are here to help!  No project is too big or small for this program, our #1 goal is to better position small businesses to sell during the pandemic.  Do not hesitate to submit the application.  No matter how small your request may seem to you we would love to help you achieve more.

Am I under obligation/agreement with you after our project is complete?

Absolutely not.  Our goal is to empower you or your team to update your website on your own and to never make someone feel like they have a “ball and chain” back to us. 

We do offer an optional support plan for clients who would like to take advantage of it once their project is complete but you are under no obligation to continue to work with us. If you decide to not continue support with us once your project is complete, we will send you an exit survey to help us improve on our service moving forward along with a big THANK YOU!


Is Shopify running any COVID-19 specials?


  1. Shopify is currently honoring a 90-day free trial post-launch (extended from the usual 14-days by Shopify during this pandemic).
  2. Shopify is also offering its new email marketing service called Shopify Email for free until October 1st for those who would like to take advantage of that opportunity.
  3. A Gift Cards feature has been added to their $29/m plan.

We will use our Partner development area and tools to give you everything that we have access to, to make your Shopify experience the best. At the end of the project, we will provide you with resources for online training and knowledge to get started using your new Shopify storefront.

If Shopify adds more COVID-19 opportunities, we will update this FAQ. (4/24/2020)

Ready to Apply?

By filling out this application, you are not entering into a service agreement with us. Due to time and resource limits, only a small number of applicants will be accepted.  We will contact everyone who applies and appreciate your interest in this program. Thank you!

    If your application is accepted, how would you like us to help you? Select your primary need.
    New Shopify StorefrontMigration to ShopifyImprove Current Shopify Website

    *If your application is approved we will double your budget amount up to $30,000 in equivalent service hours.